Becoming Mature

If I want to become mature, I need to focus on progress and growth. Not on being perfect, or having the right behavior, but on who God wants me to become.

How to Get Unstuck

God can help us get unstuck, but we have to start with understanding ourselves and why we got stuck in the first place.

How Simba Teaches Us to Move On

We can either run away from the past, or acknowledge it and move forward from it. Though we can’t change the past, we can learn and grow from it. God wants to…

Learning to Go Deeper from Lorde’s “Liability”

“I Need Some Hope” Spotify Playlist

Hopelessness can be a difficult feeling to express. Through music, we can go from feeling overwhelmed by hopelessness to hopeful and dreaming with God.

How to Make Your Heart Come Alive

Join Russ Ewell and friends as they continue to “talk about talking,” and learn how to make your heart come alive with God.

Talking About Talking

How to Change

There are all types of hearts a person may have. A confused heart, a hard heart, a bitter heart, etc. But today Alexis is going to be talking about how to change…

Can You Change ?

Have you ever thought you are too far gone to change and that God won’t be able to help you. We can doubt ourselves and our abilities far too often. But what…