Featured Article: Insecurity

Most of our avoidable life and relationship problems stem from issues of insecurity. We don’t know who we are, why we are here, and are uncertain whether anyone can love us.

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Talking About Talking

When we talk for the purpose of closeness and intimacy, we become the kind of friend who can draw others out as well.

How to Change

There are all types of hearts a person may have. A confused heart, a hard heart, a bitter heart, etc. But today Alexis is going to be talking about how to change…

Can You Change ?

Have you ever thought you are too far gone to change and that God won’t be able to help you. We can doubt ourselves and our abilities far too often. But what…

Do You Think You Can Change?

Lessons We Can Learn from J.Cole’s “Change”

Our times with God become routine when we don’t acknowledge in what areas we need to grow. J. Cole talks about his spiritual changes in his song “Change”.

Changing How We See God

Regardless of where our guilt is rooted, we will end up having a skewed view of God until we are honest and deal with our hearts with him.

God of Change

Rebel Heart: Use Your Talents

God gives each of us talents. We need to trust that God gave us our talents for a reason, and be grateful enough to serve others with our talents.

How Well Do You Really Know God?

In this study, we’ll take a few steps in the journey of discovering God to get to know how kind and loving he really is.