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The Storms Of Guilt Around Us: Forgiveness, Part One

Forgiveness is needed because we are all assaulted by storms of guilt. How do you deal with your guilt? Where do you go? We all must identify where we go, to know where to start, and to find our path to being free of guilt. Guilt is staggering… [10] My life is exhausted from sorrow, my ...

2 days ago

Fake I.D.

Our identity can be based in many different things like our appearance, what other people say about us, or our strengths etc. Is that really who we are? We all have a sinful nature and a part of us that wants to do good, but our willpower isn’t enough to keep us from sin or ...

mm 4 days ago

Make “Messy” The Norm: Why Emotions Matter, Part Three

Our internal struggle is to find security and belonging by getting secure with God. Believing that God loves you and is with you through anything that happens in life. But without internal security we attempt to fill that void with whatever we can. We scrap for security by trying to control, putting out the vibe that ...

1 week ago

God Is Light

Light gives us life and allows us to see. That is who God is, a source of power that gives us life and allows us to see beyond our own limits.

mm 2 weeks ago

From Insecure to Secure: How Love Sets Us Free

With insecurity, God never responds with criticism. He doesn’t even respond with pity by feeling sorry for us. God responds to the insecurity with a purpose to live for something beyond themselves. He does the same for us!

mm 2 weeks ago

Magical Distraction

We can often distract ourselves or get distracted from things that really matter like our relationship with God and people. Kenzo shows us some Magical Distractions while teaching us what Jesus says about distractions and what matters most to him.

mm 3 weeks ago

Reaching for the Sun: Dreaming Again

God’s dream is to free us from the things we feel imprisoned by. He wants us to feel comforted, confident, and happy. He wants to shape us into people who make a difference in others’ lives. Do you believe this about God? Do you believe this is God’s dream for you?

mm 3 weeks ago

Why Emotions Matter: Deep Insecurity, Part One

Why do your emotions matter? We all respond to our emotions differently, some of us will dive deep into our emotions and that is the only thing that matters, while others can deny, ignore, and even suppress their emotions. What we do with our emotions can effect whether we are secure in ourselves, or insecure. ...

mm 3 weeks ago

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