Changing Our Relationship With God Empowers Us To Handle Pressure

Without God giving us the strength to keep pushing through, we will become discouraged and fail under pressure.

Jonah’s Prayer | A Prayer for Change

Prayer can be used in several different ways. There’s praying for things you want, about your emotions, for forgiveness. Well today Kenzo wants to share with you a different way to pray…

Creative Leadership Can Make Anything Inspiring

We are all leaders on some level, and each of us will be faced with obstacles at some point. This is where developing creative leadership becomes indispensable.

“Dealing with Regret” Playlist

Becoming a Life Changer

Some people are acquaintances. Some are life changers. We can learn from Jesus how to become life changers.

Becoming Mature

If I want to become mature, I need to focus on progress and growth. Not on being perfect, or having the right behavior, but on who God wants me to become.

Changing Direction: From Fear to Faith

How to Get Unstuck

God can help us get unstuck, but we have to start with understanding ourselves and why we got stuck in the first place.

How Simba Teaches Us to Move On

We can either run away from the past, or acknowledge it and move forward from it. Though we can’t change the past, we can learn and grow from it. God wants to…