Deep Spirituality

The Rise of the 21st Century Spiritual Theologian

We are living in a time of deep need for our own version of a Public Theologian, but with a more spiritual emphasis. I call these new 21st century thinkers Spiritual Theologians.

Deep Downloads

Deep Faith

The 30 Minute Quiet Time Meditation

The Scriptures describe this meditative state as quietness or stillness, where we refuse to let our mind be unsettled by things beyond our control, and instead focus completely on what God is doing and capable of doing in our lives.

Believe: A Fascinating Journey

We lose faith when we become preoccupied with our performance. When we begin to measure our faith by our “perfect moral record”, belief leaves our hearts. Burned out by the exhaustion of our human efforts, we will soon leave the church, and in time...

Deep Change

Deep Relationships

Deep Leadership

Deep Confidence

Prayer Prepares My Heart: Pray about your lack of trust in God. What areas of your life are you unwilling to trust God with, and how has this affected your desire to pray? How has it affected your desire to read your Bible? Scripture Sets My Mind:...

Deep Spirituality

The promise I made to both God and these friends, was that I would share with others what they had taught me. As a result, we now have “Deep Spirituality,” which is my attempt to inspire others as I was inspired to “Walk with God.”

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