Even when we make mistakes and hurt God, he still sticks with us because he loves us. He craves intimacy with us just as much as we do, and so there is nothing we can do that would drive him away. There is no guilt, no mistake, no flaw that could make him not want to love us anymore.

Jesus was known as a friend. It didn’t matter who you were, Jesus would befriend you. He noticed the unnoticeable, touched the untouchable, and loved the unlovable. He didn’t spend time with people to get something out of them, but to give something to them and simply because he enjoyed their company.

The friendships we choose to build are a reflection of who we are. God wants us to have friendships that make us better. If we are going to grow and become the people he is calling us to be, we need to have meaningful, deep, and challenging friendships both with him and the relationships around us.