why is it hard to get deep
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Why Is It Hard To Get Deep?

By digging down deep, we start the process toward having a faith in God that is not easily shaken. However, depth takes work. It is not a personality trait or a natural talent, but rather a skill that must be worked at and developed over time.
Staying calm
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Staying Calm

If our hearts tend to be full of anxiety, fear, and stress, we need to look at the quality of our relationship with God. Does your relationship with God calm you down?
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What Speaks to Your Soul?

Our insecurities often come from a place of feeling misunderstood. There are things we experience that no one but God can understand. Join Russ Ewell and friends as they discuss the need to seek God with all of our insecurities, and how he is the only one who can understand the depths of who we are.