Walking With God


Everybody chases something. Chasing God is about taking the time to ask ourselves who or what we are pursuing, and deciding to put our time, energy and heart into getting closer to him.

This is a study on how to stay calm and be at peace even when life gets crazy. Whether school is stressing you out, you feel anxious about the future, or you have conflict in relationships with friends or family that you’re afraid to deal with, God wants to be a place of refuge even in the midst of chaos.

In this series, Russ Ewell and friends discuss their different approaches in how they spend time with God, and give practical advice on how to make your quiet times deeper, more personal and more intimate. In part one, they explain what it means to create a sacred space, which is a special state of mind you can achieve where you are free from distraction and able to devote your entire mind and heart to God.

It’s safe to assume that just about everyone is looking for relief in at least one area in which they feel worried about. In this video, Cameron Straw illustrates passages like the one above that describe God’s attitude towards worldly stress and anxiety, and makes the case for actively choosing to pursue God over remaining stuck in anxiety.