The Bible teaches that, ultimately, what we each desire most is to be loved unconditionally. But when we let our fear of rejection prevent us from being honest about our thoughts, emotions, and insecurities, we end up feeling alone and never truly feel loved.

Even when we make mistakes and hurt God, he still sticks with us because he loves us. He craves intimacy with us just as much as we do, and so there is nothing we can do that would drive him away. There is no guilt, no mistake, no flaw that could make him not want to love us anymore.

Our souls are not made whole by following the rules, or by modifying our behavior. Yet more often than not, this is the trap that snares us. We get frustrated when we put in the work to become loving people but don’t get the results we want, but don’t realize that our ineffectiveness is a result of our heart not being in it.

Naomi is one of the rare individuals in scripture who demonstrates the “Deep Humility” necessary to see and admit the depth of her brokenness. The commitment of this quiet time is to read the book of Ruth, and discover the strength of Naomi, which allowed her to experience “Deep Brokenness,” and by relying on God “make her life new again” (Ruth 4:15 NIrV).