There is no greater example of this in the Bible than that of King Josiah. Prior to Josiah, the kings of Judah and Israel had been living incredibly sinful and godless lives. In doing so, the whole nation was led astray. But all of this changed when the 26-year-old king decided to leave the human mindset behind and embrace a God mindset, starting with his desire and decision to rebuild God’s temple.

In order to dig deep, we have to be willing to go through the process of discovering who we really are and what’s really in our hearts. We often like to stay superficial and avoid this process. Strain exposes who we really are.
How do you handle the strain in your life? What comes out? How deeply rooted are you and able to handle the strain of life?

We lose faith when we become preoccupied with our performance. When we begin to measure our faith by our “perfect moral record”, belief leaves our hearts. Burned out by the exhaustion of our human efforts, we will soon leave the church, and in time, leave God as well.

Somehow, several spiritually shrewd and inspiring Christians convinced me to stop feeling frustrated and to start learning, so I began to ask a lot of questions. One of these questions started a life-altering conversation with my conference roommate. I told him I was having difficulty with my Quiet Times – the early morning period of reflection between God and me.