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Intro: Deep Spirituality

When we are deeply spiritual we see God everywhere and in everything. We enjoy the world we see without ignoring the enormous possibilities existent in the unseen.
deep prayer
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Deep Prayer

Do I believe God is listening to my prayer attentively? Do I believe that he is deeply interested in hearing my heart?
deep reading
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Deep Reading

Reading deeply means being emotionally present while you read. Start your morning with a prayer for God to open your mind to understand, believe, and gain insight into his will from your reading of Scripture.
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Deep Quiet Times

A Daily Quiet Time helps us get to know God, and allows God to get to know us! Here is how to have an effective, daily Quiet Time.
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Feature: Deep Spirituality

“Deep Spirituality” is about removing the robes that cover up the true and deep feelings of our hearts. Though we might not be particularly righteous people, when we walk with God, we will in our own way change the world.