Deep Spirituality

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When You Feel Like Giving Up

Opening Questions What is something difficult you are going through right now? How do you respond to difficulty? Do you respond with anger? Discouragement? Cynicism? Determination? How can you tell when you’ve begun to quit? Bible Study God Never...

Fear is the Faith Killer

Opening Questions Can you relate to the frustration of trusting God the least when you need him the most? How is this currently happening in your life? Keep Your Confidence So do not ·lose [throw away] ·the courage you had in the past [or your...

Drug Free Stress Relief

[3] Elijah was afraid. So he ran for his life. He came to Beersheba in Judah. He left his servant there. [4] Then he traveled for one day into the desert. He came to a small bush. He sat down under it. He prayed that he would die. “LORD, I’ve had...

Deep Spirituality

The promise I made to both God and these friends, was that I would share with others what they had taught me. As a result, we now have “Deep Spirituality,” which is my attempt to inspire others as I was inspired to “Walk with God.”

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