Deep Spirituality

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Money Can’t Buy Me Love

Opening Question What is your relationship with money? Do you love it? How often do you think about it? Do you love what it provides? Do you find your security rising and falling with the increase or decrease of the money you make? If you answered...

Embracing Truth

Opening Questions What’s your relationship with the truth? Do you love the truth? Hate it? Ignore it? Run from it? This Bible study will teach you how to embrace the truth and allow it to transform your life. Bible Study What is truth? Sanctify them...

The Dailyness of Decisive Change

Download PDF Version This Bible Study was inspired by The Spirituality of Jesus, Part 5: “Believing”. Opening Question What’s one thing in your character you wish you could change? James 1:2-4 NIRV My brothers and sisters, you will face all kinds of...

Deep Spirituality

The promise I made to both God and these friends, was that I would share with others what they had taught me. As a result, we now have “Deep Spirituality,” which is my attempt to inspire others as I was inspired to “Walk with God.”

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