How do you connect with God?

We’re all unique in the ways that we make connections with people and the world around us. There are entire curriculums dedicated to helping people better understand their personality types and how they can more effectively engage with coworkers, friends or family. In the same way that we need guidance and creativity in connecting with each other, we believe that we should put just as much if not more effort into finding better ways to personally connect with God.

A quiet time is a term many people (including us at Deep Spirituality) use to describe a time we block out every day to read our Bibles and pray. And as is the case with most religious activities, our quiet times can over time devolve into a ritual – something we know we should get done every day. If you’re trying hard to be a “Good Christian”, you likely can relate to feeling a level of guilt at some point about your quiet times: I didn’t spend enough time praying, I was half asleep while trying to read my Bible, and so on.

In this series, Russ Ewell and friends discuss their different approaches in how they spend time with God, and give practical advice on how to make your quiet times deeper, more personal and more intimate. In part one, they explain what it means to create a sacred space, which is a special state of mind you can achieve where you are free from distraction and able to devote your entire mind and heart to God.


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