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If you’re feeling tired, like you can’t do this anymore – always feeling terrible about yourself at church, trying to act a certain way but unfree from the accompanying turmoil inside – this podcast episode, as well as the subsequent ones that will follow, are about helping you get out of that situation.

In this series, Russ Ewell and friends discuss their different approaches in how they spend time with God, and give practical advice on how to make your quiet times deeper, more personal and more intimate. In part one, they explain what it means to create a sacred space, which is a special state of mind you can achieve where you are free from distraction and able to devote your entire mind and heart to God.

Russ Ewell, Nick Straw and Ray Kim sit down to discuss how the key to turning our emotion into action is trusting God and allowing God to know us more deeply and intimately through the hard things in life, which produces transformative change in us through the process.