Each plan contains several devotionals to be read in sequence, prepared to help take your Bible study to the next level.

We lose faith when we become preoccupied with our performance. When we begin to measure our faith by our “perfect moral record”, belief leaves our hearts. Burned out by the exhaustion of our human efforts, we will soon leave the church, and in time, leave God as well.

“Deep Change” is a dynamic and transformational experience of God. The result reaches deeper than superficial improvement. We become a different person.

Rather than condemning and distancing ourselves from Saul, we should study him with great empathy, understanding the inalterable truth that no matter how great our talent or resources, insecurity ignored will undermine us all.

There are those who long to dive into “Deep Spirituality” but are not yet ready to invest the time required. For you, we have created “Deep Spirituality Lite,” which is an easier pathway to developing the spiritual stamina necessary for “Deep Spirituality.”