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The Transparency Quiz

The “Transparency Quiz” is a simple set of questions whose purpose is to sensitize and make us aware of our level of transparency. Find out where you are at and figure out how to get to where you want to be.
Am I being tested? 5 surefire signs God is testing you
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Am I Being Tested?

God will test us just as he tested Abraham. This is a clear and simple truth. Reflect on these 5 surefire signs God is testing you to help get clarity on where he is trying to take you.
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Why Have I Stopped Reading My Bible?

In our effort to serve God more and better, to love people, and to do good, we end up silencing God’s voice, which is what inspired us in the first place to serve, love, and do good. In short, we become so busy serving God that we stop making time for him.