A devotional is a topical Bible study and can be completed in anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes. Read it on the go, or take some extra time to dig into the questions for personal reflection. You can also download and print a PDF version to use with a friend to create an engaging spiritual discussion.

To God, love is the only thing that matters. We can accomplish amazing things, we can be smart or insightful, we can even have faith, but if we don’t love, none of that matters. God wants us to become people who love through anything and everything. Read More
Jesus was known as a friend. It didn’t matter who you were, Jesus would befriend you. He noticed the unnoticeable, touched the untouchable, and loved the unlovable. He didn’t spend time with people to get something out of them, but to give something to them and simply because he enjoyed their company. Read More
Love is unselfish, loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another. Warm attachment, enthusiasm, or devotion. God’s expectation of love is to love the same way he loved us. He taught us to love others by how he loves us. Read More
Do you stand for what you believe, or are you a “chameleon,” always changing your beliefs, desires, and even personality according to others? God doesn’t want us to feel like we have to conform in order to be accepted, and wants to help us become strong enough to stand for what we believe and who we are. Read More
Jesus had conviction. He wasn’t swayed by fear of what people thought about him. He had a deep belief that his purpose on earth was to teach people about God and to help people get to heaven. He stayed focused on that no matter what people said about him or did to him. He was willing to die for that belief. How do you feel about being someone who is unswayed by what people think of you? Read More
Do you take yourself too seriously? Do you feel like you have to know everything, be perfect at everything, be better than everyone? When we decide to be humble and take God seriously instead of ourselves, good things happen. Here are three things that happen when you choose to be humble. Read More
Without humility we usually spend our time thinking about ourselves, pushing us away from God and others. Humble people have room to love. When we’re humble we are able to love God and others more because we think their lives are equally valuable to our own. Read More
The friendships we choose to build are a reflection of who we are. God wants us to have friendships that make us better. If we are going to grow and become the people he is calling us to be, we need to have meaningful, deep, and challenging friendships both with him and the relationships around us. Read More
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