A devotional is a topical Bible study and can be completed in anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes. Read it on the go, or take some extra time to dig into the questions for personal reflection. You can also download and print a PDF version to use with a friend to create an engaging spiritual discussion.

We all have talents and gifts that make us who we are. But too often, insecurity and self-doubt plague us with the fear that we aren’t good enough or will inevitably fail. If we let it, this insecurity will fester and take control of how we live, and we begin to settle. We never use our talents or gifts for anything good or purposeful because we are too afraid of even trying. Does this describe you? Read More
Something we can all learn from basketball, that gets little attention when it comes to our relationship with God, is the importance of an offense and defense. The players are expected to perform at the top of their game week after week, not only athletically, but also academically, while often only getting a fraction of compensation, if anything, for their contribution. With all this going on, there are bound to be feelings of frustration, apathy, and quitting. But how do they keep going? Read More
Even when we make mistakes and hurt God, he still sticks with us because he loves us. He craves intimacy with us just as much as we do, and so there is nothing we can do that would drive him away. There is no guilt, no mistake, no flaw that could make him not want to love us anymore. Read More
Discipline is the ability to have enough self-control to be trained, molded and taught in order to achieve something you desire or need. What area of your life do you want to see change? How can God helping you be more disciplined help you achieve that change? Read More
Being vulnerable with God means being comfortable with our weaknesses because we know God’s power is greater than any of our weaknesses or flaws and that all our strength and courage comes from God. There’s freedom knowing that God loves us no matter what and can make us strong despite our weaknesses or insecurities. Read More
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