Deep Leadership

Deep Confidence

September 16, 2017 Deep Leadership

Pray about your lack of trust in God. What areas of your life are you unwilling to trust God with, and how has this affected your desire to pray? How has it affected your desire to read your Bible?

Convincing the Confused

July 19, 2017 Deep Leadership

Jesus was sent by God to be the chief persuader. He was on a mission to convince, and in John 11:32-44 he is faced with grief, one of the most traumatic afflictions of faith any human being can experience. The sisters of Lazarus had watched their brother die when Jesus failed to arrive, and were plunged into deep grief accompanied by doubt. This grieving doubt had an emotional effect on Jesus as Scripture says he was “deeply moved” (John 11:33,38).

Controversial to the Conventional

July 19, 2017 Deep Leadership

Jesus and anyone who chooses to live like him will be controversial, and that isn’t a negative thing. Unless we decide to live in a society where everyone believes and thinks the same thing controversies will abound.

Confidence Turns the Tide

July 19, 2017 Deep Leadership

Jesus's confidence was in God, so when people were fickle he remained faithful, which is why I think so many people found him attractive. We must read the scriptures with greater intensity to learn this confidence, so we continue to keep the dream of Jesus alive and build his kingdom, regardless of whether we are many or few, important or irrelevant, succeeding or failing, being criticized or praised.

Deep Church

July 19, 2017 Deep Leadership

How do you think greater spiritual depth could make a church strong? What can you do in your own life, family, and house church to make the church strong?

Deep Endurance

July 19, 2017 Deep Leadership

At the end of this, you should develop a strengthening faith capable of helping you faithfully endure anything, anytime, anywhere, because you know God is working for your good (Romans 8:28-32 Voice).