Deep Faith

The 30 Minute Quiet Time Meditation

September 29, 2017 Deep Faith Plans

The Scriptures describe this meditative state as quietness or stillness, where we refuse to let our mind be unsettled by things beyond our control, and instead focus completely on what God is doing and capable of doing in our lives.

Believe: A Fascinating Journey

September 26, 2017 Deep Faith Plans

We lose faith when we become preoccupied with our performance. When we begin to measure our faith by our “perfect moral record”, belief leaves our hearts. Burned out by the exhaustion of our human efforts, we will soon leave the church, and in time, leave God as well.

Ya Gotta See Him Move

September 26, 2017 Deep Faith

Somehow, several spiritually shrewd and inspiring Christians convinced me to stop feeling frustrated and to start learning, so I began to ask a lot of questions. One of these questions started a life-altering conversation with my conference roommate. I told him I was having difficulty with my Quiet Times – the early morning period of reflection between God and me.

What’s So Hard About Faith?

September 26, 2017 Deep Faith

Faith is hard because when we believe, we enter the spiritual world where the most consequential battles are fought. Progress here is even more difficult than progress in the physical world.

The Limits of Unbelief

September 26, 2017 Deep Faith

The degree to which we are willing to let our emotions control us will determine our capacity to trust God. Simply put, trusting our emotions over God and his Word will lead us into a state of unbelief.

6 Ways to Keep Bible Reading Fresh

September 15, 2017 Deep Faith

When Christians are not experiencing the personal joy and inspiration of Bible reading, then something will be missing in them as well as the community of believers with whom they fellowship. There will be a lack of energy, interest, faith, hope, and love.

The 12 Days of Jesus

July 19, 2017 Deep Faith Plans

“The 12 Days of Jesus” are meant to deconstruct our traditional views of him – to put us on a path toward the freedom to see Jesus not as tradition teaches he should be, but as scripture says he really is.