chaos to calm
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Chaos to Calm: Bible Study and Spotify Playlist

As we turn to God in the chaos, we can use music to help us hear his voice through the noise. The Spotify playlist “chaos to calm” helps us both understand and calm the tumultuous emotions we feel on a daily basis. The following study pairs each song with a scripture to help you remember God in the midst of the storm.
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5 Ways to Deepen Our Faith to Make a Difference

God wants us to evaluate ourselves by how deep and strong our faith is. He doesn’t evaluate our spiritual condition by looking at how we appear on the surface. The depth of our faith determines how much of a difference we can make in the lives of those around us.
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Do You Work On Your Faith?

Each video will a 30 second pause following each scripture that has been read aloud. This pause is there for you to reflect on the scripture, write or draw notes, or read it again to get more insight.
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A Holiday Of Faith: Where Is My Faith?

This video, “Where is Your Faith?” looks at scriptures about understanding the condition of our faith, and how we can either rebuild or continue to develop it. This video pulls points and some scriptures from the article “A Holiday of Faith”.
Staying calm
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Staying Calm

If our hearts tend to be full of anxiety, fear, and stress, we need to look at the quality of our relationship with God. Does your relationship with God calm you down?